[Melee] Martial Melee

weapon (melee)

Martial Melee weapons are weapons that require a bit more skill to use than just swinging simplicity. Martial Melee weapons include: axe, bastard sword, chain, dagger, hammer, long sword, mace, morning star, rapier, saber, and a unarmed martial strike.


A melee weapon is a type of “cold weapon”. There are two basic divisions — edged weapons, of which examples include swords, spears, axes and knives and blunt weapons, such as clubs and maces. The basic principle of edged weapons is to increase the user’s pressure by concentrating force applied onto a smaller surface area, such as an edge or point, thus more easily penetrating the opponent’s body to cause wounds. Because most of the effectiveness of edged weapons depends upon breaking the skin of an opponent, they lose much of their usefulness when pitted against armor. Blunt weapons on the other hand rely mostly on mass and raw impact energy to disable opponents through broken bones, internal trauma or concussions. Generally they are used in some sort of swinging motion to charge kinetic energy into the weapon’s mass.

[Melee] Martial Melee

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