[Shortarms] Carbine

weapon (ranged)

The Carbine allows for close and medium to long ranged combat. Some Carbines can be fired on full auto making them quite versatile.


A carbine, from French carabine,2 is a firearm similar to — but shorter than — a rifle or musket. Many carbines are shortened versions of full rifles, firing the same ammunition at a lower velocity due to a shorter barrel length. The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines makes them easier to handle in close-quarter situations such as urban or jungle warfare, or when deploying from military vehicles. The disadvantages of carbines relative to rifles include inferior long-range accuracy and a shorter effective range. Being larger than a sub-machine gun, they are harder to maneuver in tight encounters where superior range and stopping power at distance are not great considerations. Firing the same ammunition as rifles gives carbines the advantage of standardization over those personal defense weapons (PDWs) that require proprietary cartridges.

[Shortarms] Carbine

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