[Weapons] Archaic Ranged

weapon (ranged)

Archaic Ranged Weapons indicate any “old world” type weapons that were used for long distance combat. The following weapons are considered archaic: blowgun, compound bow, crossbow, long bow, short bow, sling, sling shot, and spear gun


Archaic ranged weapons were used to harm targets at distances greater than hand-to-hand. Ranged weapons give the attacker an advantage in combat since the target has less time to react and defend. It also provides a safer combat option since melee combat often becomes a life or death struggle where each member has a high probability of dying. Early ranged weapons include thrown weapons such as javelins, slings, darts, the bow and arrow. These ranged weapons were extremely effective in combat in comparison to close-combat weapons, as they gave the wielder opportunity to launch multiple projectiles before an enemy armed with melee weapons or shorter ranged missile weapon posed a threat to him.

[Weapons] Archaic Ranged

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